Sandicoly Ecofarm

Sandicoly Ecofarm, Senegal:

A Captivating Haven for Humanitarian Travelers.

Promotion; If you stay seven days or longer, there is a discount of 10%


  • Experience the perfect blend of humanitarianism and tourism at Sandicoly Ecofarm.

  • A one-of-a-kind oasis in Senegal that offers a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to agriculture and tourism.

  • By staying in our charming rooms, you are directly contributing to projects that benefit underprivileged children.

  • Explore our tranquil garden where we cultivate our own vegetables.

  • Immerse yourself in the enchanting sounds of nature and encounter a diverse array of bird species and playful wildlife in and around our garden.

  • Experience the local specialties and unwind in our stunning mangrove forest, where bird watchers can enjoy a diversity of about 300 bird species.
  • Join us, making a difference while enjoying captivating excursions and the tranquility of this delightful retreat.

  • Experience the dual impact of a truly unique and fulfilling adventure by visiting Sandicoly Ecofarm.

Tranquility Amidst Exotic Flora: Explore the Oasis of Sandicoly Ecofarm.

At Sandicoly Ecofarm, visitors can enjoy a diverse range of activities. Experience the tranquility of our one-hectare oasis, filled with lush gardens and exotic flora. During the day, enjoy the diverse concert of 300 bird species, making it a paradise for birdwatchers! Encounter playful mongooses and harmless monitor lizards that swiftly dart away when approached. Don't miss out on the mischievous monkeys and their unique quarrels and pranks. At night, you can immerse yourself in the enchanting chorus of frogs and the soothing sounds of insects around our pond. Our backyard is a breathtaking mangrove forest that spans 65,000 hectares, offering picturesque rivers and islands to explore. Indulge in a variety of culinary delights, including local specialties such as Tjib and Mafé, as well as Western dishes. Sandicoly Ecofarm is an ideal location for meditation and relaxation, far from the daily hustle and bustle. Join captivating excursions that showcase majestic giant trees, vibrant local markets, and tours with a piroque through the mangroves, among other activities

Prices for staying in our paradise.

Adult 45€ per night pp

Longer then 7 days 40€ per night pp

Kids 20€ pp from 4 to12y

Included breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Shuttle from Dakar airport to Sandicoly, about 4h drive,

150€ for taxi.

It is about 6h flight from belgium to the airport Dakar.

Water and coffee free, soft drinks and beer at local prices.

A Meaningful Oasis

The Project that Touches Children's Lives

Sandicoly Ecofarm is primarily a humanitarian project with a special focus on the well-being of children. Our eco-farm offers local people the chance to cultivate their own vegetables using natural methods. The land has been divided into two parts: one dedicated to the project itself, and the other for tourist activities.

Discover the Impact We've Made!

Our Previous Projects.

Let us take you on a journey through the projects we have accomplished thus far. Our journey began in 2016 with the establishment of Sandicoly Ecofarm, which symbolizes our project. The proceeds from this initiative, including garden produce and income from room rentals, support our other projects. Along the way, we have also undertaken smaller endeavors, such as distributing rice and providing clothing to those in need.

In 2018, we partnered with a compassionate dentist who relieved the toothaches of approximately 300 individuals in just two weeks. The following year, we sent a container primarily filled with clothing and essential supplies.

In 2020, we distributed dozens of fishing nets in Batamar to serve as protective barriers for gardens, preventing unwanted animals from entering.

In 2021, we started the process of revitalizing a local maternity clinic and aid center. This involved laying tiles and installing a new roof. A project that is still ongoing, and I am seeking help!

In 2022, we initiated a crucial water project with the goal of filtering well water in small villages and providing clean drinking water to the residents. This project is still ongoing.

In 2023, we encountered Fodé, a 22-year- young man who had been struggling with a double leg fracture for nearly six months without the means to afford surgery. This project is still ongoing, and I am actively seeking assistance to fund it!

These accomplishments represent only a fraction of what we have actually achieved. Along the way, we lend a helping hand wherever possible, but the list is too extensive to be fully detailed here.

Our next project focuses on Dabba, a five-year-old girl, and her younger brother who are facing foot and leg problems, as you can see in the video. Join us and support these initiatives, as there is still so much we want to accomplish. You can contribute by sponsoring us or even planning a vacation to experience everything firsthand!

By supporting us, you become a catalyst for positive change and become a part of something truly meaningful. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of people in need. Donate now, or plan your vacation for an unforgettable experience that combines exploration with making a positive impact..

You can support us by spending your holidays with us

and experiencing it all yourself!

Or by transferring money to our nonprofit at BE62 9734 0457 0361, BIC code ARSPBE 22.

Or using PayPal at


The moral of this story is to live a different life. Speaking from a personal perspective, I am not someone who thrives on conformity or follows the crowd. I say this with respect for everyone's choices. Breathing feels restricted when trapped in a monotonous routine. Helping the less fortunate has been my lifelong passion, even if it's only through words. Call it a gift from a higher power, the force of nature, or mere coincidence. I am grateful for the opportunity to embark on this journey. It's a role I've embraced in this life.

All my efforts are driven by my own initiative, with the aim of inspiring others who have the means to undertake similar endeavors. Imagine a world where we extend a helping hand to one another, regardless of our differences in color or religion. After all, we are all human beings. The joy of helping others knows no boundaries. Now, I may not be wealthy in material possessions, but perhaps I am rich in spirituality. That's why I implore you to support me in continuing these projects. There are so many plans waiting to be realized. Stand by our project, whether through financial contributions to the account provided below or, even better, by booking a vacation and witnessing firsthand the impact of your support. Thank you! Luc.

You can support us, by booking a vacation and experiencing firsthand how your contribution can make a difference!

Or by transferring funds to our nonprofit account: BE62 9734 0457 0361

Or PayPal.

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