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Join me on a transformative journey as I share my life's stories.

  1. From celebrating my tenth year in Senegal to embracing the challenges that reshaped my path, this blog chronicles the incredible events of the past decade. Discover the triumphs, the setbacks, and the unwavering spirit that drives me forward. Together, let's embark on this extraordinary adventure of resilience and growth. Welcome to my world.

2 For years, I have harbored the desire to share my stories. Doubts and hesitations always lingered, as I feared hitting a roadblock after a few pages. I was unsure of what to write next, despite the countless experiences I had accumulated over the past decade. However, after engaging in a

profound conversation with myself and reflecting on my ten years in Senegal, I made a firm decision to persevere. In fact, I embarked on writing an autobiography following a chronological sequence and discovered that the more I wrote, the more memories surged forth—a ceaseless flow of inspiration. That's why I have ventured into the

realm of blogging as well.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Luc Triekels, married to Fanny, and together we embrace the joy of parenthood with our two sons. While I am proud to have reached the milestone of sixty years, I prefer not to dwell on that topic for too

long. Instead, this blog primarily focuses on the events of the past ten years and the daily experiences that have influenced my journey.

It is remarkable how a person's life can undergo a profound transformation. Sometimes this happens suddenly and unexpectedly. I believe that if you deviate too much from your intended path, life

has a way of throwing you back full circle for reflection and contemplation.


first time, in 2013, Senegal in Africa proved to be a transformative experience for both Fanny and me. I must admit, I'm not your everyday person who fits neatly into a box and adheres to all societal norms and rules. When we arrived there and witnessed the problems and poverty, I couldn't simply turn a blind eye. It started consuming my thoughts, driving me to seek solutions. That's how the whole story began. We didn't return for several years until 2016, when the thoughts became overwhelming. I booked a ticket to Dakar, Senegal,

and together with the villagers, we purchased one hectare of land for our Sandicoly ecofarm. I am currently writing an autobiography where I delve deeper into these stories, which will be published in a few months.

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